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Plan your education

  • Career Counseling
  • Choosing the right subjects
  • Help in enrolling
  • Preparing for study abroad


College Selection

Selecting the right college/university
can be a daunting task, particularly since
there has been a tremendous rise of private
institutes all around the country. Parents
and students are often faced with several
questions ranging from their recognition,
to the quality of education provided, cost
factors and future job opportunities. We
are sensitive to these concerns that parents
and students have and are committed to
providing accurate and correct information
and guidance to all universities.

About us!

Counselors in our office are well trained to provide services to help students who are in class XI and XII to take up a course at college and Universities abroad. Our counselors can help the student to realize their career plans.

Most of the students do not have definite career goals and that is where our career counselor comes in who help you to understand your strength and weakness which is very important. By having a

distinct goal, pushes the child to the right direction and path to make a suitable career choice.

The preliminary interaction focuses on generating information about the client’s education background, qualifications, favorite subjects, hobbies, likes and dislikes, sports, positions of authority if held etc. A combination of responses derived from the discussion help us to indentify a suitable career option for them.

For most students one session is adequate for a full fledged decision making process. However, for those who feel the need for follow up sessions, are most welcome to come back with further queries.

In brief, the career planning process is a continuous cycle with three parts:

  • Knowing yourself- self assessment
  • Exploring careers- learn about occupations and education requirements
  • Job search- learning job searching skills